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Mail Order

A mail order service (UK only) is now available. Deliveries will be made between October and March. Please place your orders early as some varieties are only kept in small quantities.

How it works

Please email your order to george@testvalleynursery.co.uk, or phone us on 01794 368881. We will reply to confirm that the plants are available, and to let you know the total price. You then send us a cheque. The plants will be sent by return. Please note however that we reserve the right not to send plants immediately if we consider they will suffer too much in transit.


All plants offered for sale are well established, mostly in 1, 1.5 or 2 litre pots. You will find that these plants will survive better than smaller, younger plants. Please take care when comparing our prices with those of other growers that you are comparing like with like; some plants offered for sale may not be the bargain that they seem to be, being merely plugs or rooted cuttings.


Carriage cost is a minimum of £10 for up to £60 worth of plants. When sending your cheque, please give us a brief description of where you would like the parcel to be left or give an alternative (neighbours) address nearby. Note that deliveries must be signed for. 

On Arrival

Unpack and plant at once; if you can't put them straight into the ground, please make sure to water them regularly.